November 2 Gratitude Post: Name three people who have improved your life in a meaningful way.

Second post for the My Mighty Month November Gratitude Challenge!

The Second prompt is:

November 2: Name three people who have improved your life in a meaningful way.

Three people (though there are more) who have improved my life in a meaningful way are:

  • My wife: Amanda is my light, companion, has been there through thick and thin with me, and is my biggest supporter. She has taught me how to have more love for myself, and that I can be the “real me” and be loved for it.
    engagement photo
    • My mom: Mom was the first person to teach me about compassion, and why it is important—and I will never forget this. She instilled values in me that I find so important, and I am thankful each day for her.
      Jeremy's birthday
    • My brother Jeremy: Jer is quite literally the happiest person I know and reminds me to be strong daily. He has cerebral palsy and pervasive developmental disorder, making his developmental level equivalent to a toddler to five-year-old, so though he’s older than me, he’s my “little big brother” and someone who I will always protect like an older sister would.

    …and because I couldn’t choose just three for this list:

    • My Grandma Shirley: Grandma Shirley was the most positive person in the face of adversity and taught me to see the good in people and beauty in the world around me. She was a beautiful person inside and out, and I always try to think “What would Grandma Shirley do?”

    Grandma Shirley and me

    Who are three people who have improved your life in a meaningful way? Comment below!

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