Thank You to My Wife

I love this article by Tasia Rechisky from The Mighty: “To Those Who Stand With Me as I Fight Against My Rare Disease” that is a thank you to those who stand by her as she deals with her rare disease. It expresses a lot of how I feel.

I want to dedicate this article to my wife, Amanda, because without her constant support, love, and adaptability to all these changes we’ve been dealing with through life, I wouldn’t be here. We started dating six years ago, when my symptoms were much less severe (and I didn’t have chronic joint and muscle pain yet), so we went into a relationship without knowing that I have a chronic illness. She has been there with me through everything, including when my symptoms got much worse in the past few months. We got married in June, and I was diagnosed in August.

She has been my rock through it all, does the household chores I can’t, been my sounding board, my best friend, the one who always makes me laughs, and who always brings light to my life.

I know this is so much for her, and I want her to know, that I see and know everything she is doing, and everything she is sacrificing. My love, appreciation, and gratitude can never be expressed enough.

I love you, baby!


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  1. Show your children that you love, respect and care for their mother. Never accept less from your children than what you show your wife. Protect her from her urge to work, be mom and wife 24/7 and you releive her of responsibilities she won’t. Make sure she rests, eats well and knows she’s beautiful and sexy. Teach kids to thank mom for cooking “delicious ” meal, shopping, driving and ironing. Never take her for granted
    Buy flowers sometimes “just because ” Encourage her to talk and hang with girls and parent everyday, all issues with her. They will see!


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