Thank You to My Wife

I love this article by Tasia Rechisky from The Mighty: “To Those Who Stand With Me as I Fight Against My Rare Disease” that is a thank you to those who stand by her as she deals with her rare disease. It expresses a lot of how I feel.

I want to dedicate this article to my wife, Amanda, because without her constant support, love, and adaptability to all these changes we’ve been dealing with through life, I wouldn’t be here. We started dating six years ago, when my symptoms were much less severe (and I didn’t have chronic joint and muscle pain yet), so we went into a relationship without knowing that I have a chronic illness. She has been there with me through everything, including when my symptoms got much worse in the past few months. We got married in June, and I was diagnosed in August.

She has been my rock through it all, does the household chores I can’t, been my sounding board, my best friend, the one who always makes me laughs, and who always brings light to my life.

I know this is so much for her, and I want her to know, that I see and know everything she is doing, and everything she is sacrificing. My love, appreciation, and gratitude can never be expressed enough.

I love you, baby!


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